Manufacturing Companies' 2023: Insights & Strategies

Manufacturing companies are increasingly embracing digital transformation and data analytics to enhance their operations and their competitiveness. Da...

Jun 14, 2023 by Balkrishna Heroor

Mactores Team Expansion Empowering Enterprise Data Transformations on AWS

Mactores is proud to announce its team expansion with over 200 certified professionals on AWS (Amazon Web Services). With a focus on cost reduction, s...

Jun 2, 2023 by Dan Marks

Top 7 Analytics Use Cases for Aedeon Data Lake

Aedeon Data Lake is a technology platform that helps organizations capture, process and analyze large, real-time data streams for predictive, prescrip...

Feb 27, 2023 by Dan Marks

DocuSign Accelerates DataOps with Mactores Aedeon Data Lake

Data analytics with real-time data streams has emerged as an imperative for data-driven enterprises such as DocuSign, which manages many global contra...

Feb 27, 2023 by Dan Marks

What Is a Data Mesh and How Does It Help with Governance?

When looking for data solutions for your organization, you'll undoubtedly hear the term "data mesh" thrown around. So, what is a data mesh?

Feb 27, 2023 by Dan Marks

Are You Unlocking the Power of Your Data? Enhance your Analytics with Mactores Aedeon Data Lake

The Mactores Aedeon Data Lake is a scalable, secure, and resilient data lake platform that enables various types of analytics, such as predictive, pre...

Feb 1, 2023 by Balkrishna Heroor

Industry Data Analytics for Different Verticals Using Aedeon Data Lake

Progressive organizations across all industry verticals are data-driven. Businesses are accelerating digital transformation using data lake technologi...

Jan 12, 2023 by Dan Marks

Fully managed and scalable modernized data streaming platform

Streaming services must ensure that their data is secure, highly available, and accessible. Apache Kafka can deliver on that promise. That's why it's ...

Aug 17, 2022 by Balkrishna Heroor

How to modernize your data platform faster with cloud-based ETL

Your data is growing exponentially and coming from new and diverse sources. Leveraging data for competitive advantage demands that people with varied ...

Aug 17, 2022 by Balkrishna Heroor

Efficient Hadoop EMR Migration: Automation for Development & Cost

You’ve already chosen Apache Hadoop because it’s one of the best frameworks for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. But there are many challeng...

Aug 16, 2022 by Balkrishna Heroor