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Industry Data Analytics for Different Verticals Using Aedeon Data Lake

Jan 12, 2023 by Dan Marks

Progressive organizations across all industry verticals are data-driven. Businesses are accelerating digital transformation using data lake technologies that enable predictive, prescriptive, descriptive, and diagnostic analytics use cases. Every organization is subject to unique challenges, business opportunities, and compliance regulations. Business organizations are pursuing data platform solutions that allow them to find answers to critical business questions without being overwhelmed by data lifecycle management operations.
Designed to elevate the data analytics value chain for organizations across every industry vertical, the Aedeon Data Lake solution provides a production-ready platform environment for all types of analytics use cases. Let’s review how the following industry verticals can leverage Aedeon Data Lake solution to accelerate digital transformation and drive insights to solve key business challenges.

Use Cases for Manufacturing manufacturing

Production lines in the Industry 4.0 era generate large volumes of IoT data, yet most of this information remains unanalyzed. The untapped data contains valuable insights into the manufacturing process, performance bottlenecks, root causes for production delays and other critical insights that can transform the business performance of manufacturing companies. Aedeon data lake provides a production-ready data platform based on industry-proven reference architecture and compliance standards. Running complex analytics use cases efficiently with the Aedeon data lake removes the guesswork from production line planning, assembly workflows, and layouts, and production models.


HealthcareUse Cases for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is subject to stringent privacy regulations. Predictive analytics and decision models help healthcare companies simulate and forecast healthcare scenarios necessary for staff and patient scheduling, procurement, and supply chain decisions. The speed, scale, and depth of insights have the potential to improve patient care in healthcare institutions already overwhelmed by emergency cases, which requires a data analytics platform that enables efficient processing of healthcare data at speed, scale, and in compliance with strict security regulations. The Aedeon data lake implements a sound governance framework with multiple layers of security safeguards, including identity and access management, as well as governance and quality mechanisms such as data lineage and lifecycle management. This allows healthcare companies to focus their efforts on improving patient care decisions based on advanced analytics use cases.

Use Cases for Cybersecurity Cybersecurity

Considering the volatile landscape and evolving nature of cyber risk vectors, business organizations of all sizes and industry verticals need cybersecurity capabilities to stay ahead of sophisticated cybercriminals. Cybersecurity best practices are adopted within the risk management function of any ITSM framework. Enterprise IT teams use real-time monitoring tools to identify anomalous traffic behavior, network infringements, and behavioral patterns that indicate potential security breaches and data leaks. Cybersecurity analytics use large volumes of network data logs, and contextual information gathered from multiple sources. Aedeon data lake provides a scalable centralized repository with efficient data ingestion to expedite the analytics process and, therefore, faster decision-making with the right security information.


FinanceUse Cases for Financial Services

Financial institutions must discover how to better manage budgets and improve financial forecasts with concrete data-driven insights. Financial transformation relies on process automation and the integration of large volumes of real-time data streams. Other key applications include profitability monitoring and operational planning, which requires various data types and contextual knowledge. Aedeon Data Lake empowers analysts and data scientists at financial institutions with an efficient and production-ready data lake that integrates internal sources based on SAP, Oracle EBS, Salesforce, or file uploads through any API or workflow job. The data is ingested at scale in real-time using serverless services such as Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Glue.

Use Cases for Legal FirmsLegal

Law firms incorporate data in their decision-making to draw insights from historical data archives. Common use cases include specific analytics knowledge outcomes such as phrases and arguments that can help transform the outcome of a legal proceeding. These archives are stored in cloud systems and may remain unused for long time periods. Legal analysts run data analytics use cases constituting an exhaustive search on large volumes of text documents. The Aedeon data lake built on top of the Amazon S3 storage platform offers a variety of pricing and performance tiers that allow law firms to store documents cost-effectively and maintain high-performance access and analytics processing at speed when needed. Efficient Data lineage and lifecycle management capabilities prevent data quality issues such as unapproved duplication and overwriting.


EnergyUse Cases for Energy and Utilities

One of the key challenges facing energy and utility companies is the scale of a geographically distributed and diverse infrastructure responsible for service delivery. Use cases can range from analyzing changes in the market structure toward supply chain, regulations, energy availability, forecasting pricing, and optimizing the service delivery process for end-users. The data driving these decisions are diverse, generated from multiple geographically disparate data sources, and include a variety of formats. Aedeon data lake helps integrate data from these sources with optimal configurations for data analytics tools such as Amazon EMR, which is responsible for building scalable data analytics workloads, processing real-time data streams, and performing big data analytics.


Use Cases for GovernmentGovernment

Government institutions while operating within individual and centralized governing bodies, are subject to a broad range of unique regulations and geographic limitations for data analytics. Considering the operating scale of these organizations and the prevalent talent gap, government institutions need to automate data security, governance, and compliance. This requires both improved visibility and control over data assets. The Aedeon Data Lake combines strong controls on identity and access management with data processing tools for continuous monitoring and managing data assets. Data catalog services such as Amazon Glue allow users to easily discover, modify and integrate multiple data sources. Integration with Amazon Identity and Access Management ensures organizational security protocols are followed throughout the data pipeline.


logisticsUse Cases for Transportation and Logistics

Organizations in this space operate a high volume of transactional and IoT data in real time and require advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. These decisions range from managing operational workflows for business, logistics, routes, and financials optimized to meet constraints associated with end-user experience, business performance, and legal and contractual obligations. Aedeon Data Lake is integrated with several Amazon services that can help logistics companies achieve these goals: Amazon Athen and Amazon Quicksight to extract business intelligence across disparate and otherwise siloed operational units; Amazon SageMaker for predictive and prescriptive analytics; Amazon Neptune for graph network optimization on use cases such as transport routing; Amazon Kinesis for efficient ingestion of real-time data streams.

Use Cases for Retail and Warehouseretail

Organizations in the retail and warehouse industry want to capture a wealth of data for real-time visibility into the supply chain and procurement, customer experience, pricing, and inventory forecasting. While this data may be generated at scale, usability remains low due to inadequate data processing and analytics capabilities at individual small and medium retail organizations. These organizations can use the Aedeon data lake with self-service capabilities for data sourcing and end-to-end lifecycle management. Data ingestion services, including Amazon Glue and Amazon Kinesis, are particularly suitable for the real-time processing of unstructured and semi-structured data streams in the form of videos, audio, IoT tags, and network logs. Integration with LDAP/Active Directory and Amazon Key Management ensures that the stored data complies with all organizational policies. A standardized visual interface for data ingestion and ETL data pipelines helps manage ETL workflows through a graphical interface.


Use Cases for Digital and eCommerce PlatformseCommerce

The global eCommerce and digital service business is growing at a rapid scale. In 2022, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $5.7 trillion globally. Many new and emerging digital service provider platforms are emerging and disrupting industry leaders with innovative new services. The growth and popularity of these platforms are highly variable, and service providers are expected to meet varying demands on the underlying infrastructure resources as an agile business organization. The Aedeon Data Lake allows new players and industry incumbents to scale computing resources such as Amazon S3 storage and Amazon EKS infrastructure for evolving, unpredictable, and variable data workloads.

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