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A Word from Our CEO

Bal Heroor

“As the CEO of our company, I am excited to introduce you to our team of ambitious and driven professionals. Mactorians leads by 10 Core Leadership Principles that set us apart from the rest and drive our success. We have a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, resolving cross-functional dependencies, and delivering high-value business outcomes. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to work with individuals who are always one step ahead, making informed decisions fast and taking action quickly to ensure our customers are always one step ahead. We strive for excellence and are always looking for ways to create disruptive change and give our customers a competitive advantage. We pay attention to the smallest details and embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. We are curious and take action, embracing failure as a learning opportunity. Our team takes a position of leadership by never giving up and taking responsibility and accountability for our actions. We think and act like owners, focusing on long-term thinking and delivering value to our customers. Our team is collaborative, supporting and communicating with each other to propel the business forward through teamwork. I invite you to join the Mactorian team and be part of something truly remarkable.”

“I have been with Mactores for the past 4 years and this has been my longest tenure in an organization. I have experienced the maximum growth & development in my professional life. I always got to work on fast-paced projects which enabled me to explore numerous use cases and cutting-edge technologies. Client interaction opportunities, work ownership, and constant learning have helped me to enhance my skillsets. I have been fortunate to work with an extremely talented and helpful team & receive guidance from senior management when required.”


Krutika Amrute

Senior DevOps Engineer

“The best thing that Mactores provides is certifications with proper guidance, and you would be in a better position to achieve 2 or 3 certifications annually. You inherit a role that leads to both employee and organizational growth. Mactores uses the latest technologies to meet customer requirements which is the best way to learn and shape yourself in technical aspects. We do not have communication gaps between the team and we can reach out to anyone, anytime.”


Sai Kiran

DevOps Engineer (Associate)

“I joined Mactores as a Data Engineer with the hope of expanding my learning curve. I was able to complete 2x AWS certifications so far alongside working on projects. It has always been easy to communicate with my seniors anytime. In addition, be it a work or a fun task everyone here at Mactores come together as a team to give their best. And this is one of the many aspects that I very much like here at Mactores and always grateful for being a part of it!”


Subhashini Selvaraj

Data Engineer (Associate)

“Working with Mactores is a great pleasure and privilege. I am currently working as an IT Administrator. I am grateful to the Organization which provides me with a platform where I learn about IT & Cloud technologies. The working culture here has helped me to learn & grow both personally and professionally. I am very glad to work with everyone here.”


Bharat Madur

IT Administrator

“At Mactores every day is a learning day. Each challenge brings an opportunity to harness skills and apply those skills in various projects. Accepting challenges and resolving those would be the best part I would agree upon, it's a joy of something impactful being done. Mactores as an Organization gives the flexibility to work from anywhere which is the best part worked for me so far as well as flexibility about working timings. ”


Sahil Chachere

Machine Learning Engineer

“From my first day, I strongly believe Mactores develops itself by developing us who work thereby giving us opportunities to learn new technologies to stay up-to-date and competitive. The favorite part of my role is that I get to work with different technologies and the work culture here is no less than any company out there. I’ve never felt like working alone as I always have my team to back me. I’m glad that I’m a part of an employee-friendly organization.”


Vettrivelraja CK

Data Engineer (Associate)

“Since I joined Mactores, I have grown substantially, not just professionally, but personally as well. I have become more confident in expressing my views, a better team player, and learning new things every day. What stands out for me is that here at Mactores, no one is treated as superior or inferior. The major focus is on gaining knowledge, sharing it, and growing together. ”


Disha Thakar

Technical Recruiter

“The reason that makes me join and stay at Mactores is to work on state-of-the-art technologies, after joining, what I find most amazing is my team members who are very supportive of me, here my managers motivate me to learn every day something new whether on the technology front or on personal development, which is very unheard of.”


Deep Chatterjee

DevOps Engineer (Associate)

“Career progress has unquestionably started with the addition of new roles and responsibilities. This company is the finest for learning and growth. My favorite aspect of my job is planning and overseeing the project. Permanent work from home makes me stay here at Mactores. Challenging because I've experienced here that employees are encouraged to explore the full potential of their skill sets and that they’re likely to grow through the job experience. ”


Neha Shinde

Project Manager

“My favorite thing about working at Mactores is the incredible opportunity the company has given me for learning, growth, and advancement. Mactores allow you to take ownership and empower you with the freedom to make decisions.”


Zabin Khan

Technical Recruiter

Enjoy Work and Life at Mactores

We care about creating a culture that makes a real difference in the lives of every Mactorian.


Our 10 Core Leadership Principles that honor Decision-making, Leadership, Collaboration, and Curiosity, drive how we work.

  • Everyone gets into the trenches, from top-down, everyone moving forward and working together.
  • We listen to one another, consider everyones perspective and are there for each other.  This helps every Mactorian understand what it truly means to be part of the team.
  • We take risks and think unconventionally to solve problems

Click here to learn more about Mactores core Leadership principles and culture.

Work/Life Balance

We encourage a healthy balance between your personal and your professional life to achieve success and continuous growth.

  • We operate using scrum methodology.  As such, we plan our day, week, sprints and quarterly goals which helps us prioritize important and urgent tasks so you can balance your personal needs.
  • We realize life is busy and complicated, so we proactively communicate with our teammates and customers, bringing clarity and productivity while avoiding confusion. 
  • We encourage everyone to take time off work regularly to rejuvenate so we’re always ready to tackle the next work challenge. 

Click here to hear from our COO about the need for a  Work-Life balance.

Learning & Development

At Mactores, we are always learning through our interactions with each other, and through exposure to new technologies, solutions, and approaches. 

  • Work and inherit the best practices of Agile Methodology which will then allow you to apply 20% of your time towards learning new things every single week.
  • We encourage you to choose your personal learning path via online learning platforms.
  • We encourage to take part in training, workshops, and webinars and achieve professional certifications.

Click here to hear from our CEO about the need for learning and development opportunities. 

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