Enterprise Data Lake

Enable your teams to automate Data Lake adoption and deliver 70% faster migrations at just 20% of the cost.

Challenge the Status Quo: Mactores Automation with GenAI

In the dynamic world of data management, traditional methods are no longer sufficient. Mactores challenges this status quo by integrating GenAI Large Language Models into our automation processes. We don't just improve your data migration and adoption; we revolutionize it.

Redefine Speed with 70% Faster Migration: Our GenAI-driven automation shatters previous benchmarks, accelerating migration by a staggering 70%. This isn't just about moving data faster; it's about empowering your business to harness the power of data insights ahead of the competition.  By automating code conversion and data cleaning, we reduce manual efforts and errors, ensuring a 70% faster transition to your new data environment.

Transform Adoption: Achieve a 40% Increase: If you believe your team fully utilizes your data lake, it's time to push boundaries by adopting our GenAI models. Our approach simplifies the complexities of data integration, driving a 40% increase in adoption rates. This isn't just adoption; it's a revolution in how your team interacts with data, leading to unparalleled data-driven decision-making.

Embrace the GenAI Edge: Don’t settle for the ordinary, instead leverage advanced AI models to automate and streamline the most intricate aspects of data migration and cleaning. Mactores' adoption of GenAI Large Language Models is not just an upgrade; it's a leap into the future of data management. These AI models don't just automate; they transform the very fabric of data migration and cleaning, turning your data lake into a powerhouse of insights and opportunities.

Challenge the norms with Mactores and GenAI, and watch as your data capabilities become a beacon of innovation and business success.



improvement in data efficiencies



gain in speed with 3x more dimensionality to data



faster team's decision-making while meeting high governance and compliance requirements

What does
Mactores Enterprise Data Lake Practice deliver?

The Mactores enterprise data lake solution synthesizes all your raw, unstructured and structured data for real-time data visibility and advanced analytics.

We can deliver modern data platform transformations that support AI/ML using data mesh and DataOps that are equipped to scale while meeting all security, data governance, and compliance requirements.

Our advanced data lake architecture empowers your company decision makers to make valuable data-driven decisions. Our solutions implement data ingestion from multiple sources, transform the data and make it usable through your preferred visualization tools, while providing secure access to everyone.

With our Enterprise Data Lake solutions, we take a holistic approach to delivering an effective and powerful data platform that:

  • Leverages the full power of a scale-out architecture with an actionable, scalable data lake
  • Improves data visibility, reliability and quality to reduce time-to-insight
  • Fosters a data-driven business through self-service data discovery and preparation
  • Safeguards sensitive data and ensures regulatory compliance
  • Delivers real-time data stream processing and transformation to support fast data use cases
  • Solves business problems with highly-optimized data analytics and visualization, and high security and compliance challenges
  • Yields higher efficiency while optimizing the processes that reduce operating costs and improve the customer's revenue opportunities
  • Provides real-time data visibility for line-of-business decisions
  • Gives secure access to all data sources via efficient data governance
  • Uses a data mesh to enable access to enterprise analytics for each team member with high-security/compliance requirements
  • Offers data pipeline scalability and performance

Increase your operational efficiencies, improve valuable business insights and create a customer 360 by harnessing more data from more sources with our enterprise data lake solutions.

The Mactores

Mactores takes a holistic approach, using assessment, migration, automation, and data quality tools to bring modern solutions to your digital transformation needs.

We focus on building end-to-end data pipelines that deliver highly-optimized data analytics and visualizations, while also resolving high security and compliance challenges. We promise higher efficiency and process optimization that reduce operating costs and improve your revenue opportunities.

Our comprehensive three-step process to building an actionable, scalable data like adheres to the following steps:

1- Discovery Automation:
We accelerate the discovery process with automated tools that collect information from your Hadoop systems, connected data sources and tools. (Applicable only when a customer has an existing data lake).

2- Future State Assessment:
We conduct interviews to determine the current data analytics stack, available source systems, and data variety to define the modernization. (Applicable only when a customer does not have a data lake).

3- GAP:
We analyze your current on-premise/on cloud Hadoop-based data lakes to secure the modern data platform for your business.

4- End State:
After 2-8 weeks of discovery, requirement gathering, and stakeholder interviews, we provide a detailed data lake architecture and systems design by defining security, scalability, observability and resilience for the new data platform.

5- Road Map:
To achieve consistent and fast delivery, we define your migration/modernization path forward with short-term, medium-term, long-term goals to deliver an iterative process (SCRUM Agile).

6- TCO:
We provide a comprehensive analysis of your total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) for your data lakes on cloud.

1- Strategy:
We provide a comprehensive migration strategy to cover modern data analytics use cases for your business, business outcomes, migration approach and cutover plan.

2- Execution:
We collaborate with you to define how best to take ownership to migrate your data lake (batch and real-time) within an Agile process.  

3- Migrate:
Our team performs data quality, data lineage, and integration testing to achieve a rapid, seamless migration from Hadoop systems to your modern data lake.

4- Migration Accelerators:
Using our advanced conversion tools, we reduce ETL conversion time from 4-6 months to 2-4 weeks. Our accelerators for data migration, data quality and visualization platform migration result in a migration that is significantly faster than current standards.

1- Strategy:
Modernization starts with a comprehensive strategy to cover modern data analytics use cases for your business, business outcomes, adoption strategy and implementation plan.

2- Design:
Our internal/external SMEs collaborate with your teams to design scalable, secure, compliant, and modernized data platforms to support your business needs.

3- Build:
Led by the Mactores PM working with cross functional teams, including security, compliance, application, and infrastructure to deliver the build, test, release in incremental sprints.

4- Automate:
Once the data lake is built, Mactores automates additional data ingestions, transformations, and operations that yield better efficiency.

The Customer

Replacing your legacy data platforms with an enterprise data lake solution will create the robust foundation for data science and advanced analytics your company needs to leverage ML/AI, to manage operations more effectively with real-time data access, and to identify new business insights and customer needs.

By modifying your process so your data scales with you, our customers:

  • Eliminate barriers for data teams with zero risk, cost, or lost time
  • Improve data visibility, reliability and quality
  • Simplify with a data mesh leading to better insights
  • Promote faster product development and new revenue
  • Safeguard sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance
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Business Use Cases


Real-Time Reporting


Supply Chain Network Optimization


Customer Lifetime Value


Manufacturing Operations


Marketing Performance


Profitability Analysis

Mactores Accelerators

The Aedeon Data Lake 360° Accelerator is a holistic approach to an actionable and scalable data platform vastly improving data visibility, reliability and quality to reduce time-to-insights. Aedeon Accelerator enables line of business owners to make data-driven business decisions through self-service data discovery dashboards. Aedeon safeguards sensitive data and provides all security and compliance requirements.

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Case Study


Mactores transformed DocuSign's analytics and machine learning platform to accelerate its product team's decision-making 10x faster with high governance and compliance requirements.

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AWS Validated
Competencies & Service Deliveries


Deep technical expertise with multiple partner program validations and demonstrated success working with a large number of customers at scale.


Mactores demonstrated success in helping 100+ customers transform data into value by evaluating and using the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale.


This validates that Mactores successfully built and deployed big data analytics applications using Amazon EMR.


AWS certified Mactores to deliver customer workshops on AWS services.


Mactores demonstrated expertise in delivering applications and analytics workloads transformation while moving to AWS to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security.


Mactores demonstrated expertise in delivering machine learning (ML) solutions to help 70+ customers create intelligent solutions for their business, from enabling data science workflows to enhancing applications with machine intelligence.

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