Highly Scalable Databases

Modernize your applications and databases with 4x speed with automated migrations and holistic automation testing.

Transform Your Database Migration with Mactores and GenAI

In the realm of database scalability, the old ways just don't cut it anymore. Mactores is here to challenge and change the game. With our integration of GenAI Large Language Models, we're not just improving your database migration - we're redefining it.

70% Faster Migration - A New Era Begins: Still stuck in the slow lane with traditional migration methods? It's time to shift gears by leveraging our GenAI-driven automation, propelling database migration speed by an unprecedented 70%. This isn't just a minor improvement; it's a complete overhaul of your migration timeline, putting you miles ahead of the competition

90% Faster Application Code Conversion - The Unthinkable, Achieved: Think a 90% acceleration in application code conversion is impossible? Think again. With Mactores and GenAI, what seemed unattainable is now within your grasp. We're not just speeding up the process; we're transforming it into a seamless, almost instantaneous journey.

95% Database Object Conversion - Redefining Efficiency: Why settle for less when you can achieve a 95% efficiency in database object conversion? Our approach isn't just about doing things faster; it's about doing them smarter. With GenAI, we ensure that your database objects are converted with unparalleled precision and speed, setting a new standard in the industry.

Embrace the Future with Mactores and GenAI: It's time to leave the old ways behind and step into a new era of database scalability. Mactores, powered by GenAI Large Language Models, isn't just offering a service; we're offering a transformation. A transformation that redefines speed, efficiency, and precision in database migration.

Join us in this revolutionary journey. Challenge the norms, embrace innovation, and watch as your database capabilities catapult you to the forefront of your industry.



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What does
Mactores Scalable Database Practice deliver?

The Mactores scalable database practice alleviates any risks associated with migrating from one database to another by leveraging automated tools.

Within weeks, we can deliver an increase in overall performance, centralized security access control, and significant cost reductions in operations and capital.

With over 10 years of experience, we can find the right database solution that fits your business demands and translates into:

  1. Reduction in database licensing, operations and management costs

  2. Providing highly scalable multi-purpose databases (SQL or NoSQL)

  3. Database assessment to identify the appropriate database for the customer's use case

  4. Identification of challenges in adoption surfaced in assessment phase

  5. Fully Managed databases with high scalability and security

  6. Best performance to price ratio

  7. Integration of databases with Analytics Platform

  8. Near zero downtime cut-over for production use cases

Our scalable database practice helps you determine the right database solution for your use case. We reduce the risks inherent in database migration by leveraging automated tools for schema conversion, data migration, data validation, security testing, and load testing.

We deliver database scalability so you can achieve success.

The Mactores

Mactores utilizes a wide range of valuable tools to alleviate migration challenges, including assessment tools, mass migration tools, auto conversion tools, and data quality tools.

And where relational database management systems are not a viable solution, we work with polyglot databases to support NoSQL use cases. We also support graph databases, Time Series databases, Multi-Column Family, document databases, and in Memory Key Value use cases.

Our comprehensive three-step process to building a highly scalable database adheres to the following steps:

1- Discovery Automation:
We accelerate the discovery process with automated tools that collect information about your databases and connected applications.

2- GAP:
We analyze your current on-premise/on cloud databases to reduce costs and improve performance and efficiencies.

3- End State:
After 2-8 weeks of discovery, requirement gathering, and stakeholder interviews, we provide a detailed architecture and systems design by defining security, scalability, observability and resilience for the new data platform.

4- Road Map:
To achieve consistent and fast delivery, we define your migration/modernization path forward with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to deliver an iterative process (SCRUM Agile).

5- TCO:
We provide a comprehensive analysis of your total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) for your Databases on Cloud.

1- Strategy:
We provide a comprehensive migration strategy to cover application integration, DevOps cycles, data migration, data validation and near zero downtime cutover strategy.

2- Execution:
We collaborate with you to define how best to take ownership to migrate your Databases within an Agile process.  

3- Migrate:
Our team performs data integrity and application integration testing to achieve a rapid, seamless migration from your current databases to cloud-based databases.

4- Migration Accelerators:
Using our advanced schema conversion tools, we reduce schema conversion time from 4-6 months to 2-4 weeks. Our accelerators for data migration, data integrity testing and stress testing result in a migration that is significantly faster than current standards.

1- Strategy:
Modernization starts with a comprehensive strategy to cover modern data use cases like Graph, DocumentDB, Search, Key Value, and Multicolumn for your business outcomes, adoption strategy and implementation plan.

2- Design:
Our internal/external SMEs collaborate with your teams to design scalable, secure, compliant, and modernized database systems to support your business needs.

3- Build:
Led by the Mactores PM working with cross-functional teams, including security, compliance, application, and infrastructure to deliver the build, test, release in incremental sprints.

4- Automate:
Once the database platform is built, Mactores automates additional data load, change data capture, and operations that yield better efficiency.

The Customer

The goal is to save compute resources and reduce costs while scaling your database. By applying transformations in a smart way and enabling scalability for future evolution, customers can avoid the most common issues, including:

  1. Customers are paying for expensive license renewals every year.

  2. Customers can not scale their databases, creating the challenge of managing data at scale and responding to extreme usage demands over business cycle fluctuations.

  3. Customers can not make their database globally available.

  4. Customers don’t have high availability of their database.

  5. Customers have the wrong type of database for their use case.

  6. They are trying to solve their infrastructure costs.

  7. Customers want to solve their database maintenance challenges.

  8. Customers are looking to minimize the workload on lean and overworked teams.

You can improve the efficiency of your systems and re-align your budget while scaling your data with the right strategy.

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