Modern Data Warehouse

Secure and Accelerate Data Warehouse Migrations with 3x Speed and Enhanced Confidence.

Redefining Data Warehouse Migration with Mactores and GenAI

In the era of data-driven decision-making, the agility and efficiency of your data warehouse are more crucial than ever. Mactores is leading this transformation by integrating GenAI Large Language Models into data warehouse migration and management solutions. We're not just improving the process; we're transforming it.

70% Faster Migration - Break Free from the Old Ways: Why settle for slow, cumbersome data warehouse migrations? Mactores slashes your migration timeline by 70%. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a complete overhaul, propelling your business into a new era of agility and efficiency.

90% Quicker ETL/ELT Code Conversion - The Unprecedented Leap: Still stuck in the tedious cycle of ETL/ELT code conversion? Mactores accelerate this process by 90%. Our GenAI-driven automation isn't just fast; it's revolutionary, turning what used to be a bottleneck into a streamlined, almost effortless process. 

95% Database Object Conversion Efficiency - The New Standard: Imagine converting 95% of your database objects with unmatched precision and speed. With Mactores and GenAI, this is your new reality. We're setting a new standard in the industry, ensuring your data is not just migrated but transformed.

Embrace the Mactores Revolution - It's time to leave behind outdated methods and step into the future with Mactores. Our integration of GenAI Large Language Models is not just a service; it's a paradigm shift in data warehouse migration. With us, you're not just updating your systems; you're empowering your business to lead in the digital age.

Join us in this transformative journey. Challenge the old, embrace the new, and watch as your data warehouse capabilities become a beacon of innovation and business success.






Improvement in marketing campaign analytics with contextual intelligence



Faster data load/transformation compared to conventional systems



Faster ML models to achieve supply chain optimization

What does
Mactores Modern Data Warehouse Practice deliver?

The Mactores modern data warehouse solution is designed for your unique needs and provides:

  1. Accelerated data warehouse migrations using automation to migrate complex data warehouse workloads.

  2. A serverless data warehouse that not only quickly turns large amounts of data into insights, but also enables you to run and scale analytics without having to manage the data warehouse infrastructure.

  3. A fast and scalable data warehouse platform.

  4. The ability to integrate modern analytics techniques like AL/ML, real-time streaming, ad hoc analytics, and advanced visualization within your data warehouse.

  5. 100x faster data load and data transformation compared to conventional systems.

  6. A cost effective and fully managed solution.

We will help determine the right solution for your business needs. We ensure data quality, consistency, and lineage during and after the migration process by leveraging automation tools to migrate complex data warehouse loads.

We can deliver a modern data warehouse solution that can help transform your business.

The Mactores

Mactores utilizes a wide range of valuable tools to alleviate migration challenges, including assessment tools, mass migration tools, auto conversion tools, and data quality tools.

Our comprehensive three-step process to building a highly scalable database adheres to the following steps:

1- Discovery Automation:
We accelerate the discovery process using automated tools to collect information from your data warehouse, ETL platforms, other connected data sources and tools.

2-  Future State Assessment:
We conduct interviews to determine the current data analytics stack, available source systems, and data variety to define the data warehouse modernization process. (Applicable only when a customer does not have a data warehouse in place).

3- GAP:
We analyze your current on-premise/on cloud data warehouse to achieve the MPP data warehouse for your business.

4- End State:
After 2-8 weeks of discovery, requirement gathering, and stakeholder interviews, we provide a detailed architecture and systems design by defining the security, scalability, observability and resilience for the new data platform.

5- Road Map:
To achieve consistent and fast delivery, we define your migration/modernization path forward with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to deliver an iterative process (SCRUM Agile).

5- TCO:
We provide a comprehensive analysis of your total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) for your data warehouse on cloud.

1- Strategy:
We provide a comprehensive strategy to cover data sources, advanced analytics, business outcomes, migration approach and cutover plan.

2- Execution:
We collaborate with you to define how best to take ownership to migrate your data warehouse (ETL, visualization and data) within an Agile process.  

3- Migrate:
Our team performs data quality, data lineage, and integration testing to achieve a rapid, seamless migration from your data warehouses to cloud-based MPP data warehouses.

4- Migration Accelerators:
Using our advanced conversion tools, we reduce ETL conversion time from 4-6 months to 2-4 weeks. Our accelerators for data migration, data quality and visualization platform migration result in a migration that is significantly faster than current standards.

1- Strategy:
Modernization starts with a comprehensive strategy to cover modern data warehouse use cases for your business, business outcomes, adoption strategy and implementation plan.

2- Design:
Our internal/external SMEs collaborate with your teams to design scalable, secure, compliant, and modernized data warehouses to support your business needs.

3- Build:
Led by the Mactores PM working with cross functional teams, including security, compliance, application, and infrastructure to deliver the build, test, release in incremental sprints.

4- Automate:
Once the data warehouse is built Mactores automates additional data ingestions, transformations, and operations that yield better efficiency.

The Customer

If your company is struggling with time-consuming and expensive methods to derive valuable insights from your data, it’s time for a modern data warehouse solution that will deliver flexibility and scalability. 

Customers who implement a modern data warehouse realize improvements in:

  • Costs
  • Data quality
  • Data consistency
  • Automation
  • Leveraging modern technologies such as AI/ML
  • Agility
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Business Use Cases


Customer 360


Real time Reporting


Revenue Forecasting


AI/ML integrated reporting


End to End supply chain reporting


Marketing/Sales campaign effectiveness


Team performance evaluations


IoT data integration


Merging data from legacy systems

Our solutions for
Accelerating Migration

  1. Migration Accelerator from Neteza

  2. Migration Accelerator from Oracle

  3. Migration Accelerator from Teradata

  4. Migration Accelerator from MS SQL

  5. Migration Accelerator from SAP BW

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Deep technical expertise with multiple partner program validations and demonstrated success working with a large number of customers at scale.


Mactores demonstrated expertise in delivering machine learning (ML) solutions to help 70+ customers create intelligent solutions for their business, from enabling data science workflows to enhancing applications with machine intelligence.


This validates that Mactores demonstrated successful migrations of databases (both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations) to AWS easily and securely while minimizing application downtime and following best practices.


Mactores demonstrated success in helping 100+ customers transform data into value by evaluating and using the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data at any scale.


This validates Mactores to successfully deliver Amazon Redshift-backed analytics solutions to enable customers to enhance their data platforms productively.

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