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Mactores Amazon EMR Service Delivery Partner Achievements

Feb 23, 2023 by Dan Marks

Mactores Cognition, Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end data platform transformation solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS), achieved AWS Service Delivery Partner status for Amazon EMR on February 14, 2020. The AWS Service Delivery Program recognizes AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners with a proven track record of delivering successful solutions for specific AWS products. Please continue reading below to learn about some of our customer success stories leveraging our Amazon EMR Service Delivery Partner achievement.
The AWS Service Delivery Program enables customers to find qualified APN Partners specializing in a specific service or skill area. To achieve this status, partners must undergo a service-specific verification process that includes technical reviews and customer references. This ensures that customers can work with partners that have recent and relevant experience.
Mactores has developed a full end-to-end data platform modernization practice. The Amazon EMR service delivery designation is critical in helping customers create a highly specialized Data Lake to identify key business insights. With Amazon EMR, Mactores' customers can process vast amounts of data using open-source tools, run petabyte-scale analysis, and save high costs compared to traditional on-premises solutions.

Recent Customer Success Stories

Mactores has collaborated with AWS to deliver several successful data platform transformation solutions using Amazon EMR. In one such project, Mactores helped Docusign, a company with high governance and compliance requirements, to transform its analytics and machine learning platform. The transformation made the business team make decisions ten times faster, with improved compliance and governance protocols.
In another project, Mactores modernized Flipboard's platform by migrating to Amazon EMR-based Apache HBase backed by S3. This migration reduced technical debt and provided the required support for massive spikes in user traffic. The migration was a success, as Flipboard no longer faced the challenges of unexpected spikes in usage and increased costs.
In another customer success story, Mactores helped Hewlett Packard transform its factory analytics and operations using real-time data and machine learning. The solution enhanced operational efficiency by 40% and identified manufacturing anomalies to improve yield by 30%. Mactores created real-time dashboards and analytics capabilities using over 60 active data points, solving Hewlett Packard's chip yield, chip quality, and pilferage challenges.

Blogs and Thought Leadership

Mactores provides insightful blogs and thought leadership on its website, providing valuable insights for customers looking to transform their data platforms using Amazon EMR. These blogs cover various topics, from best practices for data migration to the benefits of using open-source tools on Amazon EMR. Customers can leverage Mactores' expertise to accelerate their data platform transformation journeys and gain competitive advantages in their respective industries.


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