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Unlocking the Power of GenAI: Mactores' Proof of Value Approach

Feb 1, 2024 by Dan Marks

Our last post shared real-world examples of generative AI applications already employed across industries. 
 The transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for solving business problems, automating workflows, and increasing efficiencies is obvious. However, implementing generative AI is complex and can overwhelm internal teams with limited resources. 
In this post, we’ll explain Mactores’ unique Proof of Value (PoV) approach, a three-step collaborative process where we work with our clients to employ a fast, seamless, and smooth implementation that ensures you can realize the benefits of generative AI as quickly as possible.


Immersion workshops: Efficient onboarding and exploration of potential applications

Mactores ensures a successful outcome by conducting a comprehensive immersion workshop introducing what’s possible with generative AI. The workshop covers potential project concepts, demonstrations of available technologies, and practical applications.
These hands-on workshops, ranging from a half-day to two full days, are guided by Mactores’ AI and machine language (ML) experts. You can also opt to involve AI and ML experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The workshops establish a solid foundation for your generative AI transformation journey.
Mactores immersion workshop activities and outcomes include:
  • A foundational understanding of the concepts and principles of generative AI
  • Practical demonstrations of real-world applications of generative AI
  • Hands-on engagement and experiences of the power of generative AI technologies

Readiness assessment: Ensuring organizational preparedness

The Mactores Generative AI Readiness Assessment thoroughly evaluates your organization’s preparedness for harnessing the technology. We go beyond the surface, diving into your organization’s current AI capabilities, if any, data infrastructure and overall understanding of generative AI.
We prioritize use cases where generative AI can most effectively be deployed to address challenges or create new opportunities. We also assess the technology landscape, including regulatory and ethical considerations. The result is a strategic plan and roadmap for your generative AI implementation aligned with your organization’s objectives and budget that minimizes risks. This plan and roadmap are the foundation that will guide your generative AI initiatives so you can realize the technology’s transformative potential.


Readiness assessment deliverables:
  • Clearly defined use cases built on a precise understanding of how generative AI will be employed and the expected results
  • A thorough assessment of technology requirements and potential risks
  • A well-defined execution plan for producing a minimum viable product (MVP) within 90 days, including organization data and security considerations

Minimum viable product: Proof of concept, proof of value

The generative AI MVP serves as your initial deployment of the technology in a scaled-down yet fully functional form. This demonstrates the tangible value of generative AI to your organization, and it is typically focused on content generation, data analysis, or process automation.
The MVP is a critical step because it allows your organization to assess the feasibility of a broader implementation, validate its impacts on key performance indicators (KPIs), and gather valuable user feedback. This iterative approach empowers your organization to refine its generative AI strategies to ensure alignment with business objectives before embarking on a full-scale deployment.

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The benefits of generative AI are clear. Mactores is ready with the expertise and experience you need to implement generative AI effectively. And we are laser-focused on ensuring your success. Looking to know more about GenAI and how you can implement it effectively within your environment?
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