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Streamline Database Migration with Mactores' Accelerators

Jul 18, 2023 by Nandan Umarji

In today's digital landscape, businesses across industries are recognizing the benefits of migrating their databases from licensed solutions to open-source alternatives. This transition offers cost savings, enhanced flexibility, and the opportunity to leverage the advantages of open-source technologies. In this blog post, we will delve into how Mactores, a leading migration services provider, helped a prominent financial services company assess their database infrastructure and plan a seamless migration journey.

Customer Situation

The financial services company approached Mactores with the goal of transitioning from their existing MS SQL Server which was running marketplace applications, to more suitable open-source alternatives like MySQL and PostgreSQL. Mactores understood the importance of a comprehensive assessment to ensure a successful migration process. 
Their objectives were twofold: 
  • Identify the right target database 
  • Create a comprehensive migration assessment report indicating the time & budget required for migration

Mactores Process

To kickstart the assessment process, Mactores employed the powerful Aedeon DB accelerator. This cutting-edge tool facilitated a comprehensive evaluation of the financial services company's database ecosystem. The assessment encompassed vital features such as database version control, application dependency mapping, code scanning, schema and object migration perspective.

Mactores' expert team conducted an in-depth analysis of the company's licensed databases, taking into account their version control and configuration. This provided crucial insights into the starting point for the migration process and identified any potential challenges. Additionally, an assessment of application dependencies allowed Mactores to understand the intricate relationships between the applications and the databases, ensuring a holistic approach to migration planning.

DB_Blog7Code scanning was performed meticulously to identify any code modifications or updates required for compatibility with the new database system. This would ensure a smooth transition without compromising the functionality of the applications. Mactores also thoroughly evaluated the existing database schema and object structures to determine their compatibility with the chosen open-source alternatives.
Armed with the insights gained from the assessment, Mactores developed a detailed roadmap for the financial services company's database migration. This roadmap outlined the step-by-step process for schema migration, DB object migration, application code migration, third-party dependency migration, one-time data migration, change data capture, comprehensive data verification, and automation testing. It provided the company with a clear timeline, milestones, and guidelines to execute the migration efficiently and effectively.

Upon completion of the assessment, Mactores delivered an extensive assessment report to the financial services company. The report included findings, recommendations, and a comprehensive migration roadmap. Mactores also presented the report to the stakeholders, addressing their queries and concerns.


Mactores Assessment Findings

Statistics Highlighting the Impact:
  • According to a recent survey, businesses that migrated from licensed databases to open-source alternatives experienced an average cost reduction of 50% in database licensing and support fees.
  • A study by a leading research firm revealed that organizations utilizing open-source databases reported a 38% improvement in flexibility and scalability compared to their previous licensed solutions.
  • During the assessment, Mactores analyzed over 10,000 lines of code, identifying potential compatibility issues and providing recommendations for seamless migration.
  • The assessment process involved evaluating more than 600 database objects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the complexity and dependencies within the financial services company's database environment.



By leveraging their expertise in migration services and employing advanced assessment techniques with the Aedeon DB accelerator, Mactores provided invaluable support to the financial services company. Their comprehensive evaluation of the database infrastructure, application dependencies, code scanning, and schema assessment paved the way for a well-planned migration journey. With the defined roadmap in hand, the financial services company can confidently embark on their database migration, knowing they have a trusted partner in Mactores to guide them every step of the way.
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