Scale your Amazon EMR on EKS 




Amazon EMR on EKS

Mactores demonstrated expertise in Amazon EMR on EKS to help many customers rapidly migrate to Amazon EMR on EKS. Our Expertise has enabled us to build a library of best practices with automation to support your migration.

Amazon EMR on EKS

The Mactores Solution

  • Assess and build strategize to deploy EMR on EKS 
  • Ensure enhanced agility, scalability, security, version control systems, data processing analytics 
  • Accelerate analytics deployment with accelerators.

Your Outcomes

  • Faster time-to-insight with scalable EMR 
  • Improves speed and efficiency of analytics release management cycle. 
  • Reduce TCO by 40% and improve efficiency by 3x.
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Supported Hadoop Deployments

Automated accelerators

  • EMR on EKS - Basic
  • EMR on EKS - Advanced
  • EMR on EKS - Enterprise 
  • EMR on EKS - Machine Learning
  • EMR on EKS - Real-time Analytics 
  • EMR on EKS - Data Warehousing 
  • EMR on EKS - Migration
  • EMR on EKS - Monitoring and Management 
  • EMR on EKS - Security and Compliance
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